ANICOWORKING combines the creative mindsets of Anika and Nicolai fueled by their private fun stuff, personal tastes and professional experience.


By valuing contrasting crafts from digital modelling to handmade pottery ANICOWORKING achieves unique concepts and transforms them into various spatial communication formats.


Working transdisciplinary and ignoring common rules ANICOWORKING create a platform for correspondence within and in between the fields of architecture, spatial, industrial and communication design, typography, layout, art, curating and enriches them with the unorthodox ones such as video games, graffiti or embroidery.


We believe that categories are useful but shouldn't set borders.
Only by breaking the common belief of the architect as the creator of the new world ANICOWORKING playfully overcome the overall verge of what architects can or can not do.
Mixed up with playfulness and some irony that’s the way to survive these days.


ANICOWORKING translate their ideas into tailor-made concepts that gain their strength through adaptivity within the scope of scale and medium - both regarding time & space. This concept driven design approach creates unique solutions for any medium.


Temporary definitions help us understand each other and our surroundings simultaneously.
ANICOWORKING utilize abstract thinking to frame and investigate complex processes within its surroundings.


Forward thinking along an abstract path allows ANICOWORKING to narrow down intricate configurations into a clear vision for space and design.


Understand a task in it’s entity we see an overall curation from the first thought to the finished object as a given. Trying to escape the common forms of perception, we test the boundaries of the design world.


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